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Preventive Maintenance

24 Hour Emergency Service Like a car, a heating system needs regular tune-ups. Maintenance helps prevent the onset of serious problems that could lead to a "no heat" call or an expensive repair. Regular care also promotes efficient operation.

A Discount Oil preventive maintenance visit provides the care your equipment needs:
  • The boiler or furnace is thoroughly inspected, including the internal flue ways, the oil strainers and pump, the air intake and the flue pipe.
  • System components are adjusted for clean and efficient operation, including the burner motor, blower motor and fan bearings; circulator motor and bearings; the head assembly, burner fan and motor, ignition system and burner controls.
  • Parts are replaced as needed, including the nozzle, fuel oil filter and strainer.
  • A combustion efficiency test ensures the system is tuned for peak operating performance.
  • A safety inspection is performed.

24-Hour Service

No home or business should ever face a new england winter without the assurance of round-the-clock emergency coverage for the heating system. Heat outages are rare, but they can be very dangerous if the weather is cold and the heat is not restored promptly. Your family's health can be jeopardized, and your home can be exposed to serious risks such as pipe freezes.

Discount Oil protects customers' homes with 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year. We always have expert technicians on call in the area, and we maintain an excellent parts inventory on our service trucks so that we can make any repair without delay.

Service Plans

A Discount Oil service plan provides the complete care that every home needs to keep the heating system running smoothly, efficiently and reliably. The plan includes regular preventive maintenance, the assurance of 24-hour emergency service, and coverage of many vital system components. In the event of a major repair, a service plan can greatly reduce the customer's repair costs.

Our service plans also provides coverage for your oil tank. If your aboveground tank requires replacement during the life of your service plan, we'll cover the cost of a new tank. You'll pay the installation costs, but the total expense is greatly reduced.

A service plan is affordable and generally delivers value well in excess of its cost. Discount Oil strongly recommends service plans as a prudent, cost-saving measure.

Click here to read more about our service plans!

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Storage Tanks

One of the strengths of Oilheat is the independent fuel storage that all customers enjoy. When your tank is full, you are prepared for the worst that winter can bring. You might think you could take that for granted with any fuel, but that is not the case. Natural gas, for example, only works when delivery is non-stop; any interruption in the delivery knocks out the customer's heat. Interruptions are rare, but they can happen if a pipeline is damaged or the supply is stopped.

Oil tank design has come a long way in recent years, and customers who want to make their basements more attractive or free up space should consider one of the newer models. Some are vertical, take up less floor space, and have a modern looking metallic finish.

Replacing a tank is a substantial one-time expense, but a tank lasts for decades, so the annualized cost is actually very low - much less than a fuel conversion. Discount Oil helps customers plan for tank replacement, and our service contracts cover the cost of the new tank.

If you are concerned about the condition of your tank or you would like information on replacement tanks, please call us today or contact us online.

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