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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Discount Oil of Keene oil truck September 2010

Dear Discount Oil:

This is a letter to thank all of you for your amazingly attentive service as well as the extremely professional tune up and repairs that Discount Oil performed on my hot water heating system. Over the several days it took to complete these repairs I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of each of your service technicians.

We increasingly developed a level of concern due to the resultant heating failures our boiler began to experience. The problems and repairs by the previous company servicing my boiler at the time were attributed to the oil that Discount Oil was providing me. These repairs were often repeated for the same problem then followed up with suggestions with things like it was time to replace the boiler. Naturally, I decided to call you since you are my fuel oil provider.

After one phone call mentioning these comments to your office, I received a reply from Lou Berube, President of Discount Oil. Lou assured me that he felt the failures were not related to the oil and suggested that he and Discount Oil's technicians examine the condition of the heating system. I made a special long distance trip to the house in order to go over the situation with him. This detailed inspection proved to be such a thorough job with so many badly needed repairs that Lou and his crew stayed with me for two days. Every detail of the repairs and adjustments were shown and explained to me as the work progressed and I was impressed with the knowledge, responsiveness and honesty of each technician. The fact that they had an unusual amount of heating education as well as professional training in heating systems was very apparent, and that resulted in unusual workmanship. I have been responsible for quite a few boilers and furnaces over time and I have never seen anything like the knowledge or attentiveness that Discount Oil brought to these repairs. At the end of the job Lou followed up with a detailed letter, outlining all the work that was done as well as photographs demonstrating the existing conditions that were found upon his inspection of the boiler.

What I would like to report to you is that I have been using Discount Oil for my repair as well as fuel needs since that time and there have not been any breakdowns or problems. This indicates to me that the oil was not the problem and the many repairs and adjustments that you made have resulted in saving me the purchase of a new boiler, gaining both a more efficient heating system and a confidence in your ability to handle my heating needs. I am very happy to know I can rely on Discount for both my boiler service and my fuel oil needs.

I am very grateful for how you helped me and will be recommending Discount Oil for your expert technical abilities, and your responsive, courteous, prompt service.

M.C. Walpole, NH

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